Exploring the centrality of the enlightend master in Hinduism, with verses from the Kularnava Tantra on reverence for one’s perceptor

Everyone needs a teacher, a model to look up to and follow, a master of his art, a champion in his field, one who sets the standards of aspiration. These days, heros are often rock stars, athletes or actors, but there is, indeed, a class of souls of a higher calling. For century upon century, Hindu society has been uniquely inwardly oriented, ever intrigued with the deeper realities of existence, fascinated with the search for Truth, the control of mind and realization of the Self, God, within, through the practice of yoga. Thus, it honors the great rishis, gurus, sants and mahatmas as the greatest heros of all. These are beings who walk with God and hold truth in the palm of their hand, who seem to know everything, because they do, because they have discovered the source of all knowing. Though perhaps rare, such awakened beings still walk among us today