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When you're disturbed about yesterday, or even have a consciousness there is a yesterday, you're not in a superconscious state.

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• Monday – Friday
• 9am to 12pm
• Every day of the year, including holidays
• Front grounds do not require a reservation

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About This Hindu Monastery

Kauai Aadheenam is home to a traditional Saivite Hindu monastic order. If you plan to visit please be respectful that this is place of peaceful religious practice.

A Search for the Innermost Divine Self

Self-realization in three stages. Realizing oneself as the Soul, realizing oneself as Satchidananda—Omnipresent Consciousness—and realizing oneself as the Source, the Sustainer of that Omnipresent Consciousness, the Self that transcends time, form and space. Parasiva.

The Ultimate Goal

Balanced by Temple Worship

A temple is a meeting place of our physical plane and the invisible worlds of the Gods and angelic beings, or devas. The spiritual vibration is kept strong through the monks’ continual worship.

Fueled by Kundalini Yoga

Meditation can be sustained only if one lives a wholesome life, free from emotional entanglements and adharmic deeds. Intensive, consistent meditation dispels the antagonistic, selfish, instinctive forces of the mind and converts those channels of energy into uplifted creative action.

Charted by Monistic Theism

Hinduism, also known as the Sanatana Dharma, or “Eternal Way,” is our planet’s original and oldest living religion, with over one billion adherents.

Illumined by a Potent
Guru-Shishya System

Kauai Aadheenam is the spiritual home and theological seminary for a small band of monks, all under vows, from many nations. They oversee an international religious mission while living a strict lifestyle of daily religious worship, meditation, yoga and service. 

Guided by Soul-Stirring Scriptures

Visit our Saivite Scriptures page, which contains timeless wisdom from the oldest living spiritual tradition on Earth. In includes content from the Vedas, Saiva Agamas, writings from saints, and more.

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Awakened by Sadhana and Tapas

For those seeking a deeper understanding of our spiritual path, Himalayan Academy provides Online Study Programs to get you started. You can also sign up for our lessons by email.

Quotes from Gurudeva


The burdened have no sense of urgency, no expression of joy. They have stopped. They are standing on the path holding their troubles in their hands, unwilling and unable to let go.

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This Post is also a Test

This Post is also a Test

To progress on the path, we study the Vedas, other scriptures and our guru’s teachings and make every effort to apply these philosophical truths to daily experience. We strive to understand the mind in its fourfold nature: chitta, consciousness; manas, instinctive mind; buddhi, intellectual mind; and ahamkara, ego or I-maker. We perform japa, meditation and …

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