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Mrgendra Agama (Vidya Pada)

 Author: Dr. S. P. Sabharathnam Sivacharyar  Category: Practice and Philosophy  Publisher: SAIVA AGAMAS (English Tranlation)

Knowledge section

Mrgendra Agama, Vidya Pada or knowledge section, translated to English by Dr. S.P. Sabharathnam. The knowledge sections of the agamas are very dense philosophically, this one dealing with, just for example, “An Analysis of the Essential Nature of the Supreme Lord” in chapter five.

  • Mrgendra Agama, Vidya Pada: 112 pages
  • 1 Introductory Chapter
  • 2 Refutation of the Concepts of Liberation as held in the Systems other than Saiva Siddhanta
  • 3 An Analysis of the Essential Nature of the Supreme Lord
  • 4 On the Absolute Lordship of Lord Siva
  • 5 The Principles and the Process of Fivefold Function
  • 6 On the Nature of the Bound Soul
  • 7 On the Nature of Bonds
  • 8 An Inquiry into the Nature of Karmas
  • 9 On the Essential Nature of Maya
  • 10 On the Nature of Kala and Other Tattvas
  • 11 On the Nature of Dispositions (pratyayas) and Others
  • 12 On the Nature of Organs and Others
  • 13 Description of the Worlds Existing in Different Planes of ‘Bhuvana Adhva’

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