Cosmic Alignment and Divine Presence Empower Humanity’s Grandest Religious Observance

The tens of millions of hindus who came to the Kumbha Mela at Haridwar this year were nearly all of modest means. After days of travel, many spent a mere 24 hours in the holy city at the gateway to the Himalayas. They chanted Jai Ganga MaHail Mother Gangatook their sacred bath in the frigid river, collected a pot of holy Ganga water and then headed home. One typical pilgrim, an illiterate woman, traveled with her family by crowded bus from West Bengal, slept in the open and ate at the free feeding tents. We are poor, but we have enough. I asked God not for money but for peace and salvationso easily did this humble villager capture the essence of the worlds greatest act of pilgrimage, the Kumbha Mela