The 27 Nakshatras and Their Impact On Human Nature and behavior

Nakshatras provide an effective means to find auspicious times for every imaginable human activity. Theyre also useful for avoiding actions on a day when results are likely to be frustrated. In order to find that date when the cosmic vibrations will be just perfect for you to make that big career move, buy a car or plant your garden, you need a panchangam; an astrological calendar ;calculated for your region [see resources]. The Moons nakshatra is the same all over the world at the same moment, but the human conventions of time zones and the international date line make the calendars produced in one place inapplicable to another. Panchangam in hand, you can proceed to research dates according to the following recommendations. In general, activities will bear more productive fruit if the Moon is waxing, that is, moving in the brightest phase toward full moon day.