For a Spiritual Life

Gurudeva’s Toolbox for a Spiritual Life was created by the monks of Kauai Aadheenam as the 2005 mahasamadhi souvenir honoring his legacy of teachings. One of the terms that Gurudeva uses to describe Hindu practices is tools. In fact, on the European Innersearch in 2001 he stated, “I have given you all the tools, and it is up to you whether you use them or not.” What Gurudeva was stressing is that contained within his core teachings we have a great collection of tools, a complete collection of tools, techniques to cause us to progress on the spiritual path. These tools were developed by Gurudeva over his fifty-two years of ministry that began in 1949. He is emphasizing that there is no need for more tools, more techniques—there is simply a need to use the ones we already have.