Vision of a Golden Being, Blessings for Iraivan Temple carvers

A new cyberspace devotee, named Mike, who lives on Kauai, asks… and I’ll lead into this question. Right after the big hurricane that devastated the island of Kauai, he was asleep and awakened by a wonderful being, who approached his home. The being was of golden shimmering light, with deep pools of eyes that penetrated through him and they looked at each other for quite some time. Then the being dematerialized and went into another plane. He’s wondering, “Who is this person?”

Well Mike, this being was a product of the hurricane Iniki that came as a

great blessing for this Island and chased all the demons away. It brought beautiful spirits like the one that you saw, who was looking at you to see if you were all right, having survived the hurricane and to inspire your future in the spirit of ‘aloha’. You have seen the island come up into a great vision of a unified community ever since this wonderful Iniki happened to us.

There are hundreds of such divine beings on this island. They have been assigned because of their advanced evolution, to lift everyone up into a model community. You are very fortunate, having seen one.

We had a cyberspace question from our Bangalore temple building site in

India asking for the blessings for the ‘silpis’, the stone carvers, who have been working for ten years building the Iraivan temple. At this time of the year, they have a great ceremony blessing all the tools that they use in their advanced craft.

We want to bless each and everyone of you who have revived the craft, kept it going and also trained your sons. We have seventy-five of you now and hope to have

many, many more in the future. You have all served with great loyalty and dedication. Under the expert leadership of Sri Ganapati Sthapati and your

own Jiva Rajasankara, the Iraivan temple is being built and will be a

credit to each and everyone of you in your future lives.

We do not want to compromise the artistic workmanship in finishing up Iraivan temple. But we are finishing the temple. It is over half finished now and we know that you will continue as you have, with expert artistry. We know that Iraivan temple will be India’s gift to the Western world. Some of the blessings of those who come on pilgrimage each year worshiping at this wonderful temple, will go to each and everyone of your families, generation after generation.

Aum Namasivaya.

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Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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