Tools of the Mind

What all of my sishyas do in the evening is meet with their extended families. Our Saiva Siddhanta Church is made up of about thirty-two extended families, worldwide. These families are in the country of India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, America and on our beautiful island of Kauai.

Every member of our Saiva Siddhanta Church becomes a foster member of an extended family and they meet on Monday. That is the day of togetherness. That is the day of love. That is the day of sharing. That is the day of communication. That is the day to work on the sadhanas of the Master Course, our life-long study of these wonderful teachings of Dancing with Siva, Living with Siva, Merging with Siva, the Shum Tyaef Lexicon and much, much more.

It is very important that we remember today that we are a soul, living in a physical body. We have some tools. One of those tools is the mind, which can be trained into an intellect, either with wrong thoughts, wrong motivations or right thoughts, right motivations. We have another tool, which is emotion, which can be used in a very bad way, totally out of control or it can be controlled and used in a very good way, to be a productive part of the human race and to be a leader. Leaders are few these days, most are followers. Of the leaders who lead, many of them follow their own emotions, their own wrong thinking, their adharmic concepts. Finally, they look behind themselves and they find they are not elected, they are not leaders anymore. They lost their followers.

A true leader follows his spiritual intuition. A true leader has a dynamic will, has a purpose, a plan, persistence and plenty of push to make that plan work. A true leader can be you and you and you. I see many faces here looking at me through the cyberspace, internet, the wonderful network that the governments of our world have released funds for, to give us all the ability to communicate, to love each other through cyberspace, to think together, work together, be together. Being together is very, very nice. I love you and you love me. We love each other. That is very important, because …. why? Because we are souls, we all love each other. A happy day for each and everyone of us.

Aum Namasivaya.

Categories: The Mind
Tags: Upadesha
Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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