The Eternal Now

August 19. Greetings everyone. We are really happy to be together again. Also, a lot of things are happening here at Kauai Aadheenam, quite a busy place.

To be centered in the eternal Now, that takes a little bit of doing. No matter what happens around us, we have to realise that the past and the future all exist right now. The past and the future all exist right now. That is a wonderful statement and I have been making that statement for over fifty years. Very hard to convince people. But through cyberspace, talking to you this very moment, I feel that you have caught the idea. The past and the future all exist right now.

The eternity of the moment basically, is the only time. It is a very short time, goes second by second by second. The past and the future exist in the totality right now.

What is the past? Our memory patterns. What is the future? Our hopes and fears. What is now? Sitting among those that we love, sitting among those that support us and that we support, a communication between people and people, animals and people, people and plants, plants and people, love, appreciation, gratitude.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Expect love today. Give kind words of appreciation and gratitude for all the good that is in your life this very moment, the eternal moment, second by second by second.The past and the future exist right now.

Categories: The Spiritual Path
Tags: Upadesha
Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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