Sadhana to Uplift

The month of August has been a wonderful month, as you know. You have been following what we have been doing. What we are doing is not what we want to do, we just do the next thing. We have to do it. Therefore, we want to do it. We do what we do, in love. Same with you. Go to your place of work, in love with your work and with everyone there. Don’t make differences. Don’t like one person more than another, because that causes division. Also it is not professional. A lot of people in the work place have their favorite people and the favorite people together, have their enemies. Often the boss is the enemy.

We must love everyone. Love comes from the higher chakras. Contention, division, gossip, back-biting are the lower chakras. You saw the big chakra man on the pervious issue of Hinduism Today? Look at it carefully and you can lift yourself from the lower to the higher, if you happen to find yourself in the lower. You have the will to do that and only you can do that. The grace of God within you can help you do this.

Of course, visitors have been coming and going, wonderful devotees on pilgrimage coming in the right spirit and when that happens, that uplifts all of us. We really are uplifted by the pilgrims.

Just a word of advise, in summary, to you. Treat everyone equal in your family. Treat everyone equal in your work place. Don’t have likes and don’t have dislikes. This means, if you don’t like somebody, you love everybody. Liking is kind of tolerating their existence, loving is accepting them into your heart. Everyone is your teacher. Some teach you what to do and others have the greater lesson, they teach you what not to do by their example. But still, love them anyway and thank them for who they are. Accept everyone for the wonderful being on the spiritual path of evolution towards the Self, which the Vedas speak so eloquently about.

Aum Namasivaya.

Categories: Sadhana
Tags: Upadesha
Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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