Memory; To Become a Sadhu; The Eyes of Meditation

A cyberspace question from San Diego regarding memory. “People when they get a little older can’t even remember yesterday or what they did three hours ago.”

People of all ages have the same problem of not being able to remember what they’re not interested in. If you can remember the future, your goals, your aspirations that’s enough to remember.

A cyberspace devotee, a young man in Oklahoma. Wants to know, “now that I’m connected to Hinduism, I’d like to renounce the world and be a Sadhu in India or serve the Sadhus in India. Please give me some advise.” (I’ve only been a Hindu for a very short time, he mentions.)

Well to answer to your question properly I’d like to get to know you better. This is a very big and serious step and also many, many people want to renounce the world and give up all things when they dive into Santana Dharma, the Eternal Truths. It’s not always practical or is it wise. To become a Sadhu or even to serve the Sadhus, one must have a firm philosophical foundation within one of the many philosophies of India. So we’ll have a conversation through e-mail, we’ll get to know you better and then answer your question. In the mean time be patient. It’s a long path and you’re on the threshold.

A cyberspace cadet in Long Island, New York wants to know about meditation, “should you have your eyes open or should you have your eyes closed?”

There are various forms of meditation, very deep meditation and then there are surface meditation or preparation for meditation leading to deep meditation. For deep meditation the eyes will naturally close. Otherwise it’s all right to have your eyes open but still looking within yourself as you look at some religious object on the outside.

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Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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