Joining Gurudeva’s Mission, Approaching Hindu Gods

A new cyberspace cadet living in Dubai, wondering, “Can I join your mission somehow?”

Our mission is a mission of giving and you are on the receiving end. You’ve already joined our mission. We are very happy to have a small little branch in Dubai. Send us your address and we’ll supply you with some beautiful reading material. Our mission is a mission of communication. So from Dubai, keep communicating and we will make progress in your life.

A cyberspace cadet from Singapore, asks “How should I approach the Hindu Gods? I’ve been a Hindu for thirty-five years and I keep getting different messages from my friends and from the priests. Everyone has their own idea about how to pray.”

Many more than thirty-five years, we were all in the same dilemma – getting mixed messages. We consulted Pundits, Guru Mahasannidhanams, Sankaracharyas and eminent elders, most of who are not living now, to get a consensus. Out of this, we have created a wonderful book ‘Loving Ganesha’, and other books, ‘Dancing with Siva’, ‘Living with Siva’, ‘Merging with Siva’.

Please send us your address, so we can send you some reading material. If you stay with that, it will explain everything. You will no longer have to ask friends, relatives or priests how to pray to the Hindu Gods. But, you must remember that however you pray to the Hindu Gods, they are listening twenty-four hours a day. They will hear you in whatever language you pray in. They will still hear you, like a mother hears a child. Crying or screaming or laughing or playing, the mother hears and understands what is going on with that child.

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Tags: Upadesha
Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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