Building the Home Vibration

A cyberspace question from San Ramon, California. “What is your advise to ladies who don’t feel comfortable working and also don’t feel comfortable at home. What is the Dharma of a mother?”

In today’s world where nearly half the families if not more, both parents are working, it’s very difficult for the children. Also it is the mother’s vibration, her thoughts, her feelings that make a home. It’s very difficult for someone to not work and stay at home because there’s about six months or a year adjustment to build the vibration within the house. A true home is like a temple. It has a vibration, prana within it moving in beautiful bellows and colors in a systematic way. No harsh words are ever spoken in the home to break up this continuity of peace. But this takes a mother within the home, or the wife within the home to maintain this vibration. So you’re on the right track if you have the impulse within yourself to not work in the world but remain at home and build up a vibration. Be patient and and you’ll find many things to do within the home, creating it, maintaining it. A great happiness will be the result.

Two of our Ministers off to Malaysia, Sannyasin Yoginathaswami and Natyam Tyaganatha. They’ll be there for nine days in KL, then they’ll travel to Sunga Petani and then they’re going to Singapore for two nights, then returning. It’s a mission of light and love and upliftment. They’re going to have book signings in four or five different places. Actually the book stores have come forward now through Horizon Books. So they’ll having book signings in book stores and I signed a lot of little stickers that they’ll go into the book. Which is a common thing, we’re told that’s often done. We’ll be introducing the books. We have a new book out which is “How to Become a Hindu,” which we just printed a thousand copies in Malaysia. So it’s all ready now and they’ll be living in the Kulapati homes, they’ll be visiting all the little boys there. We have four or five potential task forcers who are coming up the first of the year, they’ll be visiting with those. They will be visiting the boys club up where Kulapati Thanabalan is in Sunga Petani. So releasing the books in the Murugan Temple there. Helping Sivaram, who’s our new Mathavasi, who’s coming here back with them. He’s doing Kavadi with fifteen spears. It’s a whirl-wind trip and then they’ll be back. Of light, of love and upliftment. Aum Namasivaya

Categories: Family Life
Tags: Upadesha
Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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