Attention to the Inner Self

This is the second retreat day. We are so happy that you have come to see us. This is the day when the mathavasis, the Hindu monks at Kauai Aadheenam go within themselves into the light of their soul. Each one has a private guha. That is why we call it ‘Guha Day’. It is the time for washing our clothes, we have no servants. It is the time for paying attention to our inner self, for realizing the self.

It is only the soul that can realize the self. But, we have to realize the soul first. It is the time for the young monks to realize that they are not their mind, they are not their body, they are not their emotions. They are a living soul. The soul body has all the chakras and they are a being of light. That is very hard for some. They may have to struggle with that because they have memories of the past and hopes of the future and they have to be renounced. That is renunciation. You can do that too, at least one day a week. Take that day as your Guha Day.

Guha means cave. The cave is within your heart, the lotus of the heart. It is within your head, above your head. It is your soul. The external mind withdraws itself from things and memories, the future and the past, activities and computers and goes within itself every once in a while.Every five days, six days and sometimes seven days, we have a Guha day.

We are on the lunar calendar here. Our calendar does not relate to the rest of the people here on the beautiful island of Kauai. But, they love us and they appreciate us and they also tune in on Guha day. You can too. Take time out to be silent and realize. The first realization on this path is that you are a perfect, indestructible soul, with powers such as willpower, memory, powers of reason, powers of cognition. Whether you know it or not, at this very moment you are seeing with your third eye because you are understanding this message.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Categories: The Spiritual Path
Tags: Upadesha
Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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